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WMIER prides itself in producing high quality, cost effective research that tackles the biggest challenges education faces today, as well as helping to discover the future of education through our innovative research design. Our experience, depth in research capability, history of successful research projects and reputable publications, contribute to the excellence in research that WMIER provides.

Please contact us about our research and about opportunities for future research.

Email wmier@waikato.ac.nz Phone +64 7 858 5171

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News / Events

FLANZ award to Prof. Scott, WMIER & CeTTL staff
19 April 2018

Tracing the evolution of student voice - Alison Cook-Sather
21 March 2018

WMIER Professor made a Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand
5 March 2018

Elementary Students’ Coding in US Classrooms
13 March 2018

Fulbright Professor Lynn Bloom visits Waikato
19-23 February 2018

Video Lab Launch - Tauranga
26 January 2018

Postmodern Picture Books Seminar
7 December 2017

The policy and practice of cultivating general teachers for rural primary schools
19 September 2017

WMIER researcher awarded grant for Online Safety Project
1 July 2017

Early years Conference success
29 July 2017

A Companion to Research in Teacher Education
2 June 2017

Book launch success: Moemoeā: Māori Counselling Journeys
30 May 2017

Creating interactive video content for your teaching
16 May 2017

Learning and development in the early years foundation stage
5 April 2017

The role of storytelling in higher education classrooms in the digital age
4 April 2017

Former VC Wilf Malcolm launches book
1 March 2017

Colloquium Series
Semester A

Fulbright Public Lecture: Challenging oppression & marginalisation
15 March 2017 1-2pm

Affordability, demand and parental employment: How ECE policies make a difference
21 February 2017

Fulbright Symposium: Unpacking discourses of colourblindness and invisibility
23 February 2017

Visual Narratives as Research Data
8 February 2017

Video Lab Think Tank
8 December 2016

WMIER/FEDU awarded TLRI projects
9 December 2016

Dr Polly Björk-Willén on Children's language in preschools
6 December 2016

Our researchers win NZARE awards
23 November 2016

Transitions as tools for change
15 & 16 November 2016

Diversity in Picture books Symposium
24 November 2016

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