Ronél Morgan

Ronél Morgan is the 2016/2017 WMIER master scholar, with research interests in the unifying (centripetal) and dissonant (centrifugal) forces at work in international learner engagement. At present she is conducting a dialogic inquiry into the multi-lingual private tertiary environment, utilising video via mobile eyewear and 360-degree audio/visual data recording. Ronél's supervisor is Associate Professor Jayne White.

Rene Novak

Rene Novak has a strong interest in the possibilities of Immersive Videos and Virtual Reality as tools and methodologies for Educational purposes. In his Ph.D. research with a Creative Practice Component he will creatively explore the possibilities and implications that 360 degree & 3D video recordings, offer. He is interested in changing perceptions of educational experiences by offering virtual reality revisits of a recorded event. He aims to provide an alternative view point that will thrust the beholder out of a one-dimensional realm of evenness, order, and sameness, to immerse them into three-dimensional sensations and empirical impressions.

Bridgette Redder

Bridgette is a WMIER Masters Scholar and Ph.D. student whose research draws upon dialogic methodology to study the self. Bridgette uses three different video recording devices, comprised of recorder glasses, a Swivl tracking camera and a wide-angled cube, to capture her everyday interactions with infants. Bridgette employes polyphonic video, a method designed by her chief supervisor Jayne White (2009), to access 3 different visual perspectives of the one moment in time. Bridgette plays selected video events of answerability to teachers with whom she works at critical friend inquiry meetings where the videos provide the provocation for dialogue.

Anne-Marie Simon

Anne-Marie Simon is a tutor specialising in teaching practical skills. She is currently completing her Masters in Educational Leadership. Her research and thesis is around video as a mediating tool, utilising common mistakes and their remedies to assist teaching and learning for the purpose of skill acquisition. Her focus is on the impact of combining these two pedagogical perspectives within a face to face classroom context. Anne-Marie’s research interests include creative technologies, video in education and student centred learning.

Patricia Ong

Patricia A. L Ong is keenly interested in investigating the relationship between teacher pedagogical beliefs and social cultural influences on their instructional practices and also comparative education through case studies and video field research methods in her Ph.D. project. Other subsidiary interests include photo-narratives and other forms of visual research, the possibilities of digital and social media, together with the issues that are involved.

Dandan Cao

Dandan is a PhD student who actively advocates children's voices. Her research is about exploring children’s voices on their experience of touchscreen devices in a cross-cultural context from a dialogic perspective. She employs a video reflexive ethnography approach in her investigation of Chinese four years old children in the New Zealand early childhood education setting. She uses the camera to video record and also invites children and parents to film children’s everyday experience of touchscreen devices. She then uses the footage as an impetus to conduct reflexive sessions with children to explore children’s voices, views, and perspectives.