Associate Professor Jayne White

Jayne White brings the philosophical notion of 'visual surplus' to bear on video as a means of enhancing dialogues with and about learners. She has worked with various technologies, developing a polyphonic method of using split-screens as a source of considerable insight in the field of early years pedagogy. As co-editor of the newly established Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy [] she concurrently explores visuality as a broader philosophical concept within contemporary society where both the physical 'eye' and the subjective 'I' are implicated to their fullest extent. See Jayne's research

Associate Professor Garry Falloon

Garry Falloon is an e-Learning researcher, with a particular interest in the way primary-aged children learn using apps on tablet and mobile technologies within inquiry, problem and project-based learning environments. In recent times, he has developed and used innovative display recording technology to capture unique insights into how different app designs affect students’ ‘digital learning trajectories’, the thinking processes students employ when solving computational problems, and the influence of different student organisational systems on learner collaboration in shared-device scenarios.

Associate Professor Clive Pope

Clive Pope teaches and researches in the area of sport pedagogy.  This includes working alongside aspiring teachers, coaches and trainers who want to be effective amidst the dynamic and complex settings often associated with movement.  To promote and develop the act of reflection and to progress the instructional process through fine-grained analysis, students are invited to employ video tracking technology using a Swivl II device that remotely follows their actions and captures their voice. Data recorded on an ipod can then be downloaded, analysed using systematic observation protocols and utilised as a rich evaluative resource.

Dr Elaine Khoo

Elaine Khoo is a senior research fellow with research interests in teaching and learning in information and communication technology (ICT) supported learning environments, e-learning settings with an interest in online learning communities, participatory learning cultures and collaborative research contexts. Elaine has been involved in funded research projects associated with online learning, Web 2.0 tools and ICTs across the compulsory schooling sector and tertiary level. Recent research projects have involved using video recording of classroom observations to analyse learners’ talk as part of understanding their learning process and outcomes.

Dr Mira Peter

Mira Peter is a human behaviour researcher with a background the psychology of language, the ecological approach to human perception and action, and dynamical systems theory. In the past Mira investigated verbal communication and gestural coordination in real and in virtual environments. At present, through the analysis of videos of students’ small-group problem solving activities she is exploring how students learn and master threshold concepts and workplace competencies (e.g., teamwork).

Dr Arezou Zalipour

Arezou Zalipour has a strong background in screen and media studies, audience studies, and video production. She actively incorporates her theoretical understanding and practical experience of screen and media into the design of tertiary teaching development across her work and research. Her pedagogy is based on the innovative use of educational technologies, audio-visual materials and digital media in fully online and blended learning environments. Arezou's research interests include:learning theories, digital storytelling in teaching and learning, creative technologies in teaching, the flipped classroom, and learner’s emotional knowledge.

forbesDr Dianne Forbes

Dianne Forbes is a teacher educator and specialist in innovative pedagogies with an interest in the perspectives of students and teachers, particularly pertaining to blended learning. Recent projects have encouraged student teachers to film themselves while teaching on practicum for the purpose of reflection and formative discussion. Other projects make use of video interviews as a method that enables the voices and perspectives of participants (e.g., students and teachers) to be shared with original emphasis and expression.

Dr Dilani Gedera

Dilani Gedera is an eLearning Designer and teaching developer with a research background in educational technologies and the ways they can enhance learner engagement in blended and fully online learning environments. Dilani has been involved in curriculum design projects where she was actively engaged in developing face-to-face and online courses at graduate and postgraduate levels. Dilani has worked with a variety of digital tools and media in making interactive video-based modules for both tertiary teachers and students. Her research interests include: learning design, instructional design, flipped teaching, ePortfolios, Activity Theory, and Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK).