Regulations Governing Payment of Fees and Charges

View the regulations relating to the payment of fees and charges.

Fees and Charges Payable

  1. A student is deemed enrolled and liable for payment of fees upon signing and acceptance of an Enrolment Agreement, Notification of Change, or other document(s) by which acceptance into a paper or papers is formally agreed.
  2. Every person must pay fees and charges (as set out in the Table of Fees and Charges in the University of Waikato Calendar) according to arrangements and terms agreed at the time of enrolment in the Enrolment Agreement or Notification of Change.
  3. Students who do not attend a paper in which they have formally accepted a place will be liable for payment of the fees for that paper, unless the withdrawal procedures as detailed in the Change of Enrolment Regulations 2012 are followed.
  4. Unless the Director of Finance determines otherwise, where a student defaults on a payment and does not pay the outstanding amount within 28 days of the due date that student’s enrolment will be cancelled.
  5. Cancellation of a student’s enrolment does not discharge any outstanding debt.
  6. Unless special arrangements are agreed by the Director of Finance, the following penalties apply in addition to the cancellation of the student’s enrolment while a debt remains outstanding:
    1. the student is not entitled to use the Library, attend lectures, participate in laboratory classes, or otherwise make use of university facilities
    2. the student’s academic results are withheld
    3. the student may not re-enrol at this university
    4. the student is not entitled to have their academic record transferred to any other institution
    5. the award of any qualification is deferred
    6. the student’s outstanding debt may be referred to a debt recovery agency for collection. The University also reserves the right to recover any additional costs in relation to this debt collection from the student.
  7. A student whose enrolment is cancelled for reasons of non-payment of fees may subsequently apply for reinstatement of enrolment, provided
    1. the application is submitted to the Director of Finance within four weeks of the date of the cancellation
    2. all outstanding fees, charges, and surcharges are paid before or at the time that the application is submitted, and
    3. the service charge for the reinstatement of enrolment after cancellation, as prescribed in the Table of Fees and Charges, is paid.
  8. An enrolment that is reinstated under this section is deemed to have been continuous.
  9. The tuition and resource fees for a particular paper fall due on the payment date for the trimester in which teaching for that paper starts, or, where beginning outside of these trimesters, the first day of the teaching period of the particular paper.

Payment by Trimester

  1. These provisions for payment of tuition and resource fees by trimester do not apply to students who pay by Student Loan.
  2. Unless the tuition and resource fees are being paid by Student Loan, a student who enrols for more than one trimester may elect to pay tuition and resource fees by trimester.
  3. Payment dates are prescribed for each of the trimesters, namely H - Summer School 1, A Trimester, B Trimester and C Trimester.
  4. The tuition and resource fees for a particular paper fall due on the payment date for the trimester in which teaching for that paper starts.
  5. Students who have made arrangements to pay by trimester and who discontinue any of their papers remain liable for all payments as they fall due, unless they submit an application to delete the relevant paper by the prescribed deadline (see the Change of Enrolment Regulations 2012).
  6. All fees and charges other than tuition and resource fees fall due as part of the students’ first payment.
  7. A surcharge of 10% or $100, whichever is lower, will be levied on any fees that are outstanding at the start date of the trimester. This applies to Summer School 1, A, B and C Trimester start dates respectively.


  1. A student may appeal to the Vice-Chancellor against any decision by the Director of Finance under these regulations.