The overall goal of the Māori and Psychology Research Unit is to provide a catalyst and support network for advancing research which has at its centre the psychological needs, aspirations, and priorities of Māori people. The MPRU research interests are firmly situated within the Māori development themes of community wellbeing, health and heritage. By networking and establishing ongoing working relationships with staff and students within the University, and in those Māori communities we engage with, the Unit has the capacity to draw together skilled and experienced interdisciplinary research groups able to deliver research of high quality. The Unit's general goals are:

  • to provide a support structure which encourages Māori focused research in psychology
  • to serve as a scholarly resource for staff and students
  • to seek out new sources of research funding
  • to promote the professional development of Māori researchers
  • to provide a foundation for the teaching of psychology by enhancing availability and access to Māori focused research experience and products
  • to disseminate research findings

For more information, visit the Māori and Psychology Research Unit website.