Te Ngira: Institute for Population Research links together a virtual and evolving community of national and international researchers whose research focus is the interaction of demographic, social and economic processes. Initially founded through collaboration between the University of Waikato's Population Studies Centre, Waikato Management School, and Wellington-based Motu Economic and Public Policy Research Trust, the Institute's primary goal is to help inform choices and responses to the demographic, social and economic interactions that are shaping New Zealand's future. Reflecting this objective, Te Ngira's research programme comprises five interconnected themes and is supported and sustained by a strong capacity-building programme which spans local, national and international workshops, seminars, and postgraduate supervision:

  • New Zealand 2050 (A structurally ageing New Zealand)
  • New Zealand’s regions and communities (A regionally diverse New Zealand)
  • New Zealand’s individuals, families and households (A socially informed New Zealand)
  • Te papa one te tū mai nei (Māori and Indigenous futures)
  • New Zealand’s oceanic and global context (A globally engaged New Zealand)
  • Te Ngira Demographic Laboratory (A statistically numerate New Zealand)

For more information, visit the Te Ngira: Institute for Population Research website.