1. The Vice-Chancellor may give such direction, or make such provision as they think fit for the relief of undue hardship where it is shown to their satisfaction
    1. that an alteration or amendment to statutes or regulations involving a change in a course of study or in examination requirements has caused a student hardship, or
    2. that official advice has been given and acted upon, and it is later found that a student's programme of study is not in accordance with the governing regulations and hardship would be caused if the student were to be compelled to comply with the full requirements of the regulations.
  2. The Vice-Chancellor may, in consultation with the relevant Pro Vice-Chancellor, Head of School, Director or equivalent, give such direction or make such provision as they think fit where it is shown to their satisfaction that an unusual and particular case has arisen concerning a student’s enrolment, in consideration of which no relevant provisions or regulations currently apply.
  3. The Vice-Chancellor will report to the Academic Board any decisions made under these special powers.
  4. A student may appeal to Council against a decision by the Vice-Chancellor under these special powers.
  5. The Council decides appeals and makes any provisions that it considers appropriate.