Message from the Vice-Chancellor

Read a message from Professor Neil Quigley, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Waikato. Discover our commitment to innovation and community service.

The University of Waikato holds a special place in the New Zealand university system. Since its inception in 1964 when it was created by the demands of the local community, the University has shown a commitment to innovation and to serving the needs of its community.

We are proud of our innovative, forward-thinking approach and I look for people who have the same ethos. Since I began in the role of Vice-Chancellor, I have focused on refining our strategic direction and identifying opportunities for investment and growth. We are constantly responding to the challenges of a changing higher education sector by defining our strengths and building on our distinctive character and identity. We are committed to recruiting staff who can assist us in turning these challenges into opportunities, and who see the constant search for quality, efficiency and new opportunities as our highest priority.

Our motto, Ko te Tangata (For the People) is at the heart of everything we do. It is our people who make this University distinctive and it is our ability to continually find new and better ways to serve the communities around us that sustains our distinctiveness. I am constantly impressed by the enthusiasm that our staff show, and by their commitment to the ideals at the heart of the University: both are qualities that we seek to identify in new staff and reward in existing staff.

As a work environment, the University of Waikato has a lot to offer. We are committed to excellence across all our activities – teaching and learning, research, postgraduate supervision, commercialisation and administration – and to serving the needs of our local, national and international communities. We are at the forefront of work-integrated learning and place emphasis on continued professional development while providing the tools and support necessary to succeed. These aspects of the University make it a challenging, exciting and fulfilling place to work. If, like us, you are committed to the pursuit of excellence, the University of Waikato could be the best place to begin the next phase of your career.

Professor Neil Quigley
University of Waikato