The School of Computing & Mathematical Sciences has the following computer labs:

Laboratory access

The Part I Computer Laboratories (R-block and S-block Ground floor) are available to enrolled students Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm. A schedule of the laboratory hours of use are posted on the laboratory doors.

Prior to 8am, after 9pm and at weekends, a Cardax 'Swipe' card will be required for access. Students found in the laboratory at these times without a valid card will be removed.

The 'Swipe' is an individual electronic key which uses a magnetic strip to activate the lock. One card is issued to each student eligible for after-hours access, and can be authorised for all those areas which a student is entitled to use. Instructions for card use are on the Cardax locked doors. The card should not be viewed as a 'ticket to enter'. In the past groups of students have allowed one person to swipe while the rest of the group entered. Although it may be tedious for a group of students to swipe in one at a time it is important that each individual does so. In the case of fire, the swipe record will provide the fire service information on how many people are in the building. Remember - swiping is to your benefit.

First and second year students are able to obtain 'Swipe' card application forms from the tutors when signing up for laboratory times. Other students will need to obtain application forms from the departmental administrators. For this you will need your Student ID card. The forms should then be taken to Property Services for the 'Swipe' cards to be issued, if necessary, and processed.

The card is issued for your use only and allowing others to use your card, or gain access with your card will result in your access being disabled and disciplinary action taken. The card is renewable from year to year, so please retain it at the end of the year for future use.

Please note that the University is not obliged to supply after hours access. This is provided in response to student request, on the basis that machine availability cannot be guaranteed. There is no callout provision in the event of server, printer, or machine failure. 

Conditions of Use

Note: Computer Systems in this document, as well as in the Computer Systems Regulations, includes computers, the campus networks, and all attached devices and peripherals.

Use of all computer systems within the University is governed by the Computer Systems Regulations. During enrolment each student signs a copy of these regulations, agreeing to abide by them, but experience shows that few read them. Please take the time to read them now. You will find a printed copy in the University Calendar.

In those regulations, the term System Manager indicates the person assigned responsibility for a specific piece of equipment. In the case of equipment belonging to the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences (SCMS), or its constituent departments, and also that section of the campus network serving the SCMS, the Director of ITS has delegated his authority, in the first instance, to the ICT Support Manager Hamilton of the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences.

Clause 5.1 of the regulations states that users must not use or attempt to use a computer system without the authorisation of a System Manager. Authorisation to use any computer system within SCMS is granted to a user on the basis that the user agrees to comply at all times with Conditions of Use of SCMS Computer Systems which might serve as clarification and/or as an addendum to the regulations. That is what the remainder of this section outlines.

Note: Please don't be misled by the lack of legalese in these principles. Failing to adhere to them may result in disciplinary action being taken.

As a user of our computer systems, you:

  • should confine yourself to appropriate use of our facilities;
  • must not adversely affect the functioning of our systems;
  • must be a "good neighbour" to other users;
  • must respect the rights, policies and obligations of the University.

Appropriate Use

  • Do not use another person’s account, even with their explicit permission.
  • Do not do anything in the name of another user, including sending email messages.
  • Do not deliberately disrupt or adversely affect the use of the facilities by other students.
  • Do not unplug lab computers.
  • Do not attempt to gain access to any system within, or external to, the University to which you are not entitled.
  • Do not copy or interfere with software on the computers.
  • Do not install or attempt to use any unlicensed software.
  • Do not attempt to “break” any software or hardware protection.
  • Do not act in a manner likely to cause damage to equipment – this includes the chairs.
  • Ensure that your computer is properly logged off after use. Any costs incurred while the computer is logged in under your name will be charged to your account, even if you were not using that computer at the time. Please change your password immediately if you suspect that others know it.
  • Do not use the computer systems to access, download or store any material that might be deemed inappropriate or be in violation of copyright law.
  • You must provide your username to Computer Support staff if they request it in the course of their duties.
  • Please report any theft or vandalism that you may observe.
  • Technical and teaching staff may access your account as part of their duties.
  • A computer account belongs to the University and is provided to you for the purposes of academic work.

Lab Etiquette

  • During busy periods in the labs, please give priority to students doing course-related work.
  • Please leave a room in a timely fashion when asked to by staff, for example, when a lab has been booked for a class.
  • Respect other users when using your mobile phone. If your phone rings, answer it, but please leave the lab and take the call in a corridor or outdoors.
  • If listening to music or watching videos, please use headphones.

Non-compliance with the above conditions and requests can result in a range of penalties including but not limited to – the suspension of your account, referral to the University Disciplinary Committee, referral to the Police.

Food and Drink

Food and non-alcoholic beverages are allowed in the labs under the following conditions.

  • Beverages are in containers with spill resistant lids. (i.e. travel mugs, closed drink bottles, cans, etc.)
  • Food is cold and produces minimal mess and smell. (i.e. vegetables, cheese, raisins, chocolate bars, etc.)
  • All spills, crumbs, smears, etc., must be cleaned up by the consumer.
  • All garbage and waste materials are disposed of in the rubbish bins.

Although you can consume food and drink in the labs, please respect those around you and try to consume food and drink in the spaces provided outside of the labs where possible.