Computing and Mathematical Sciences

We have a team of dedicated student ambassadors and academics who are excited to support the next generation of talent.

Outreach activities

Are you looking for ways to inspire your students and show them the exciting possibilities that lie ahead in the fields of computing, data analytics, design, and mathematics? 

Our free outreach programmes offer hands-on experiences and engaging activities that will allow your students to explore these fields in a fun and interactive way. By participating in our outreach programmes, your students will not only gain valuable skills and knowledge but also be motivated to pursue further education and careers in these exciting fields. Sign up today - and help your students unlock their full potential.

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Mathematics and Data Analytics: Careers and Pathways Presentation

Description: Our engaging and thought-provoking pathway presentation is designed to showcase the diverse range of opportunities available to students interested in Mathematics or Data Analytics.

By highlighting the vast career prospects, we hope to inspire and encourage students to pursue their passion and unlock their full potential in these rewarding fields.

Duration: 60 minutes

Student Study Talks

Description: We have a fantastic group of student ambassadors who are currently studying Computer Science, Design, Mathematics or Data Analytics with us. These students are available to come out and visit your students to talk about study options, their experiences, showcase their work and help answer questions.

Duration: 60 minutes


Design Workshops (on campus)

Description: Discover the fascinating world of Design with our interactive workshops, available at our Hamilton campus.

Our workshops cover a range of areas, including communication, interface, and media design, and are designed to captivate and inspire students.

Duration: 60 to 120 minutes

Computing Workshops (on campus)

Description: Bring your students along to our University campus and experience a suite of interactive workshops led by our talented student ambassadors and academics.

Our dynamic range of workshops are designed to spark students' interest and help them discover the exciting possibilities of a future career in computing.

Duration: 120 minutes

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