Guide to applying

View some handy hints and tips when completing your application for one of our initial teacher education programmes.

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Online applications are open now - make sure you apply early to ensure your application is received in time!


Part of the application is your referee's report. Selecting your referee can seem daunting but all you need to do is ask yourself - 'does this person know me well enough to be a referee?'

Good choices can include:

  • A teacher who knows you well
  • Sports/Drama coach/Youth group leader
  • An employer

Make sure it is not a partner, close friend or relative!

Handy hint: We send a virtual form to your referees once your application is submitted, so let them know to keep an eye on their inbox and spam folder!

Numeracy and Literacy Assessment

Please see the link below for practice templates that you can use to prepare for this assessment. Each assessment has a 50% pass mark. If you do not successfully meet the required 50% pass, you will be given a further opportunity to resit this assessment at a later stage.

 Download practice numeracy test

 Download practice literacy test

The Interview

First impressions count, this is your chance to project a positive and competent image.

Our interviews are a chance for us to meet you in person and for you to get to know us. They are normally in a group interview setting where we meet with up to 10 potential students. Interviews normally run for between 2-3 hours depending on the programme you are interviewing for.  All our interviews are held either on campus (Hamilton) or online via Zoom. Just like when you apply for a job make sure you come at least five minutes early to the start of your interview.

Dress well: Smile and make eye contact. Positive body language conveys a strong message.

Know yourself: Skills and attributes, use examples from all aspects of your life, sports, leadership roles, cultural activities, volunteer roles etc.

Be organised: Bring notes and supporting documentation.

Be prepared: To answer questions about the programme, yourself and your goals, including:

  • Why you want to become a teacher
  • Your understanding of the role of a teacher
  • Experiences that you have had working with young people
  • Experiences that you have had that outline your experiences in working with different cultures
  • Whether you have spent time in a school
  • Current media releases relating to Education
  • The diverse learning needs of 21st century students

End the interview on a positive note, shake hands, thank the interviewer and make eye contact. This is your final chance to make a lasting positive impression.

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