Te Raupapa Waikato Management School

The WMS Mātauranga Māori Research Excellence Award recognises a staff member, or team of researchers who have developed and delivered research with, for or by Māori communities or stakeholders.

The research could have contributed to furthering the body of knowledge around a specific topic or discipline, or it could have created reports, funding submissions or facilitated knowledge exchange through engagement with Māori communities, iwi, agencies, organisations or other relevant stakeholders.

Mātauranga Māori Research Excellence recipients

2022:  Associate Professor Jason Mika

The selection panel thought Jason's application introduction and text in te reo Māori was beautifully written.

They could see the external recognition for Jason's work via the research grants and the commissioned research he has received.

The panel was also impressed by the examples Jason used in his application to demonstrate the reach and impact of his research, for example a conceptual paper on Māori and international trade leading to further collaboration, and eventually government work.