Te Raupapa Waikato Management School

The WMS Research Excellence Award was established to recognise and celebrate research excellence.

Excellence in research and contribution to the research environment within WMS, the University and the discipline, including evidence of leadership over a minimum period of five years.

Research Excellence recipients

2022: Professor Shaen Corbet

The selection panel was impressed by Shaen's phenomenal level of achievement in generating research outputs, and the metrics/citations they have produced.

They also liked the team approach to research Shaen has taken, including working with/mentoring emerging researchers.

Evidence of Shaen's growing research leadership was also clear.

High Commendation 2022: Associate Professor Umesh Sharma

The panel was impressed by the research story Umesh told in his application, and could see why his research mattered, as well as the contribution he is making to the field.

They were also very impressed at the level of citizenship demonstrated, in particular the combination of editorial, reviewing and general citizenship within WMS, including PhD supervisions.

They could also see the steady growth in Umesh's research trajectory.

Previous recipients:

Staff Member Department
John Oetzel Management Communication
David McKie Management Communication
Les Oxley Economics
Alison McIntosh Tourism and Hospitality Management 
Chris Ryan Tourism and Hospitality Management 
John Gibson Economics
Riccardo Scarpa Economics
Harald van Heerde Marketing
Philip McCann Economics
Mark Holmes Economics