Te Raupapa Waikato Management School

Waikato Management School's expertise is focused on the management of innovation and entrepreneurial practice both in New Zealand and internationally, whereby we seek to be innovators in building thriving communities.

Showcase projects

Carbon neutral? Prospects for early-stage green investment in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand
Principal investigators:  Dr Abhishek Mukherjee and Dr Johnathon Scott

This study aims to analyse the current — and prospective — venture capital sector for early-stage green technologies in Aotearoa and Australia as they shift to carbon neutrality.

Green technology is an emergent focus of venture capital (VC) investment with significant opportunities in Oceania. Green technology differs from more typical VC investments (Owen et al., 2020a). They are more capital intensive, facing more significant technology risks associated with their functioning, scalability and lengthier exit timetables.

This project studies the operation of the green finance ecosystem and considers the policy interventions required to rebalance the sector’s higher risk-reward ratio and to encourage more early-stage investment in Green tech ventures.

Recent news

Associate Professor Paresha Sinha and Dr Jenny Gibb were co-authors of an article published in the Strategic Management Journal (SMJ), the world's leading mass impact journal for research in strategic management.

The article was entitled 'Managing history: How New Zealand's Gallagher Group used rhetorical narratives to reprioritize and modify imprinted strategic guideposts.'

Sinha, P. N., Jaskiewicz, P., Gibb, J., & Combs, J. G. (2019). Managing history: How New Zealand's Gallagher group used rhetorical narratives to reprioritise and modify imprinted strategic guideposts. Strategic Management Journal41(3), 557–589. https://doi.org/10.1002/smj.3037

Other examples of publications

Pavlovich, K., & Markman, G. (Eds.) (2022). World Scientific Encyclopedia of Business Sustainability, Ethics and Entrepreneurship: Volume 3: Spirituality, Entrepreneurship and Social Change (Vol. 3). World Scientific. doi:10.1142/12405-vol3

Gibb, J., Scott, J. M., Teo, S., Thien, G., Singh, S., & Ho, M. (2022). Historical and social aspirations: influence of SME key decision makers’ resilience, social skills and stress on attaining firm performance goals. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior and Researchonline. doi:10.1108/ijebr-06-2021-0482

Pavlovich, K., Bowden, S., Simnadis, T., Connolly, H., Collins, E., & Gibb, J. (2020). Allbirds: Sustainable innovation disrupting the casual shoe industry. SAGE Business Casesonline, 11 pages. doi:10.4135/9781529713206

Sinha, P.Gibb, J., Scott, J., & Akoorie, M. (2020). Research Handbook on Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies A Contextualized Approach. Edward Elgar Publishing.