Overseas Student Exchange

Gain international experience to further your career and personal development. Participate in the University of Waikato's international exchange programme; it could make all the difference.

Te Raupapa Waikato Management School

Enhance your employment prospects and make your C.V. stand out by participating in the University of Waikato international exchange programme. 

Why should you go on an exchange?

Waikato Management School is committed to ensuring that you are prepared for a global business career and strongly recommend you add international experience to your degree.  We provide an International Exchange Scholarship you can apply for.

There are many personal and professional reasons why you should go on an exchange.  Here's just a few:

Personal Growth

  • Personal self development and awareness - get to know yourself
  • Exchange is a great way to add value to your degree by experiencing different teaching and learning styles
  • Explore new places and cultures
  • Learn a new language or take classes taught in English

"Biggest highlight of my degree. My exchange was a great talking point in interviews and helped me more than anything when I was applying for jobs."

Conor Gyde - Conjoint Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Management Studies student.

Professional Development

  • Gain a global perspective in your major subject(s)
  • Learn about foreign business markets
  • Create an international resume/C.V.  The unique experiences you gain will make you more employable to companies who are eager to hire graduates that are flexible and show interest in global issues as well as broader general knowledge about the world economy
  • Meet overseas employers and build a network of international contacts

For more information about exchange opportunities and how to apply go to Waikato OE.

Where in the world can you go?

The University of Waikato has partner universities in more than 20 countries around the world, including top business schools in Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom and USA.

Waikato Management School Exchange Stories

University of Ottawa, Canada

University of Ottawa, Canada

Maastricht University, Netherlands

Maastricht University, Netherlands

The Norwegian School of Economics, Norway

Norwegian School of Economics, Norway

University of California, USA

University of California, USA

National Chengchi University, Taiwan

National Chengchi University, Taiwan

WMS International Exchange Scholarship

This scholarship is open for applications twice a year, for Waikato Management School students (NZ citizens or permanent residents) in second year or above who wish to go on an overseas exchange.  You need to be accepted into the University's exchange programme to be eligible.

Find out more about the WMS International Exchange Scholarship.