…Pacific peoples have a long history and rich cultural heritage of voyaging, valuing knowledge, and learning. Consistent with that history and heritage, the Plan recognises the vast potential of Pacific peoples to excel in education as learners, academics and researchers, and to contribute as students, staff, families, and communities to the mana of the University of Waikato.

UoW Pacific Strategic Plan 2021-2025

The Pacific Strategic Plan was developed through consultation with staff, students, committees and other groups and was adopted by Council in June 2021. The Plan is the product of many different conversations over the last four years — and over decades.

The University is committed to building and enhancing the Pacific dimensions of our institution, and to realising the educational aspirations and success of Pacific learners and staff.

Responsibility for coordinating the activities necessary to deliver the Plan, and for associated monitoring and reporting, rests with the Assistant Vice-Chancellor Pacific.

  1. Objective 1

    Demonstrate and grow leadership on Pacific success.

  2. Objective 2

    Illuminate, clear and open Pacific learner success pathways.

  3. Objective 3

    Deliver substantive outcomes for Pacific learners.

  4. Objective 4

    Promote and deliver high-quality teaching and learning support.

  5. Objective 5

    Foster and support lifelong success.

  6. Objective 6

    Value, grow and attract Pacific staff.

  7. Objective 7

    Grow Pacific researchers and research excellence.

Underlying principles

To implement the PSP, we will demonstrate the collective and shared leadership described in Objective 1, the opening, building and enhancing of pathways described in Objectives 2-7 and the measurable, meaningful and substantive progress that UoW staff and students have strongly indicated is crucial to the success of the PSP. 


We have established key roles and initiatives to implement the PSP.
[Visio diagram of our cycle of success in development]

Read the full Pacific Strategic Plan 2021-2025.