The Sustainability Plan was developed through consultation with staff, committees and other groups and was adopted by Academic Board in April 2022.

Responsibility for coordinating the activities necessary to deliver the plan, and for associated monitoring and reporting, rests with the Assistant Vice-Chancellor Sustainability.

The Sustainability Plan supports and aligns to the University Strategy, Academic Plan, Research Plan, Māori Advancement Plan and the Pacific Strategic Plan.

The Sustainability Plan has been developed to help operationalise the Strategy and recognises that the University of Waikato is committed to contributing not only to actions needed to deliver on the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 targets, but is focused on creating a thriving and carbon neutral University.

  1. Objective 1

    Embed Māori and Pacific principles and values of sustainability in the University's values.

  2. Objective 2

    Enhance the University's environmental performance with the aim to be carbon neutral by 2030.

  3. Objective 3

    Prioritise research that promotes the UN SDGs, climate action, and the creation of sustainable environments and fair futures.

  4. Objective 4

    Increase the number of students who have opportunities to develop sustainability and climate change related knowledge and understandings of effective and innovative solutions.

  5. Objective 5

    Foster leadership of sustainability across all areas of the University.

  6. Objective 6

    Join with others outside the University in dialogue and action on the SDGs with the aim of helping us meet our goals.