University Leadership Group

Neil Quigley
Professor Neil Quigley
Alister Jones
Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Acting Pro Vice-Chancellor Management
Professor Alister Jones
Robyn Longhurst
Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic
Professor Robyn Longhurst
Sarah-Jane Tiakiwai
Deputy Vice-Chancellor Māori
Dr Sarah-Jane Tiakiwai
Bruce Clarkson
Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research
Professor Bruce Clarkson
Jim Mercer
Chief Operating Officer
Jim Mercer
Allison Kirkman
Acting Pro Vice-Chancellor Arts, Law, Psychology and Social Sciences
Professor Allison Kirkman
Don Klinger
Pro Vice-Chancellor Education
Professor Don Klinger
Geoff Holmes
Pro Vice-Chancellor
Health, Engineering, Computing and Science

Professor Geoff Holmes
Gareth Schott
Head of Arts
Associate Professor Gareth Schott
Wayne Rumbles
Dean of Law
Associate Professor Wayne Rumbles
Sam Charlton
Acting Head of Psychology
Professor Sam Charlton
Bruce Curtis
Head of Social Sciences
Professor Bruce Curtis
Brendan Hokowhitu
Dean of Māori and Indigenous Studies
Professor Brendan Hokowhitu
Sally Peters
Head of Education
Associate Professor Sally Peters
Stephen Joe
Acting Head of Computing and Mathematical Sciences
Associate Professor Stephen Joe
Mark Dyer
Dean of Engineering
Professor Mark Dyer
Kirsten Petrie
Acting Dean of Health, Sport and Human Performance
Dr Kirsten Petrie
Janis Swan
Acting Dean of Science
Emeritus Professor Janis Swan
Frank Scrimgeour
Head of Accounting, Finance and Economics
Professor Frank Scrimgeour
Stuart Dillon
Head of Management and Marketing
Associate Professor Stuart Dillon
Kay Weaver
Dean of Graduate Research
Professor Kay Weaver
Ken Perszyk
Academic Director, Tauranga Campus
Associate Professor Ken Perszyk
Keakaokawai Varner Hemi
Assistant Vice-Chancellor Pacific
Dr Keaka Varner Hemi
Michelle Jordan-Tong
Chief Adviser, Student Systems
Michelle Jordan-Tong
Alice Clements
Director, Communications and External Relations
Alice Clements

Director, Human Resource Management
Carole Gunn
Sharon Calvert
Director, International Office
Sharon Calvert
Catherine Downes
Acting Director, Marketing and Recruitment
Catherine Downes
Duanna Fowler
Director, Office of the  Vice-Chancellor
Duanna Fowler
Nikki Thomas
Director, Organisational Development and Wellness
Nikki Thomas
Joseph Macfarlane
Director, Regional Engagement
Joseph Macfarlane
Mike Calvert
Director, Student Services
Mike Calvert
Ross Hallett
Ross Hallett
Nathan Rahui
President, Waikato Students' Union
Nathan Rahui
Tracey Bowell
Pro Vice-Chancellor
Teaching and Learning

Associate Professor Tracy Bowell