SDG 1 No Poverty

End poverty in all its forms everywhere

$14.8 million in scholarships in 2022, many for hardship
Generous provisions for students during pandemic disruptions
Free bus services for students from rural areas

Some things we are especially proud of


Special focus

We have a comprehensive outreach and recruitment programme with a special focus on schools in low income communities. We know the value of connecting with these communities in ways that work for them, to help break the cycle of poverty.


New Admissions

In 2022, 6.2% of our new admissions and 4.7% of our graduates came from schools in the lowest 2 income deciles, and 5.8% of all our students were from developing countries.


Work Integrated Learning

Internships are a vital part of our undergraduate degree programmes, are usually paid and often lead to permanent jobs. Our dedicated Work Integrated Learning team provides wrap-around support so our students can hit the ground running when they graduate.


Free transport to and from campus for students

We know getting to and from campus can be a challenge. We are committed to providing a free regional bus service in both the Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions. We also offer a free Kaimai shuttle service between our Hamilton and Tauranga campuses.