Screen and Media Studies

Is a programme of multi-disciplinary scholars located in the School of Arts. Media can be studied as a powerful influencer and force in society and culture, as an effective means of communicating messages or ideas, or as creative art and vehicle for expressing original thoughts and ideas about life and the world we live in (real or fantasy).

We live in a media informed, shaped and saturated world.

Virtually all forms of employment, research and creative endeavors rely on and use the media. At Waikato we offer flexible study options that increase media literacy and support the construction and creation of new content and experiences.

Media @ Waikato

Whether you want to become a media specialist or enrich your studies in other fields and increase your distinctiveness and employability, consider media a vital tool for your future.

Media can be studied as part of:

Bachelor of Arts (Major in Screen and Media Studies)

Bachelor of Communication (Major in Creative Media)

Bachelor of Communication (Major in Media Production)

Bachelor of Design (Major in Media Design)

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Major in Screen and Media Studies)

    Choosing the right Major for you

    Interested in

    • Project Management
    • Public/Media Campaigns (social activism, wellbeing, political)
    • Marketing and Advertising
    • Media Broadcasting
    • Visual Journalism
    • Web, Game and App Design

    Consider a Major in Media Design combing media with graphic design

    Consider a Major in Creative Media combining foundational skills for the Creative Industries with Communication

    Interested in

    • Audio Engineering
    • Sound Editing
    • Image Manipulation
    • Desktop Publishing
    • Film Editing

    Consider a Major in Media Production combining music, design or media production

    Interested in

    • How the media influences and changes behavior, attitudes and beliefs
    • How the media informs, empowers and enables
    • Issues of representation
    • The power of narrative storytelling

    Consider a Major in Screen and Media Studies as part of the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Social Sciences (in combination with Psychology, Sociology, Politics, or Law).

    Girl playing on the computer

    How about adding a Minor in Esports?

    Interested in

    • Digital Gaming
    • Esports
    • Livestreaming
    • Media Events

    Consider adding a Minor in ESports.

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