Screen and Media Studies

Screen and Media Studies at Waikato makes sure you keep pace with new tools and platforms for the rapidly evolving media industry. You'll get high-quality learning experiences with up-to-date resources in our top 250 QS-rated programme.
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Why study Screen and Media Studies?

During your studies, you'll gain knowledge and learn transferable media skills that can be applied to future technical, social or experiential advancements. It is an area of study for critical, creative and innovative minds and attracts those who wish to not only understand concepts and ideas but also bring them to life. Knowledge is gained from study and hands-on experience writing media content, constructing films, exploiting and adapting media technologies, or designing games.

We expect our students to take their work beyond the classroom and enter competitions and festivals for more experience and greater exposure. Our students have been finalists in film festivals nationally and internationally, contributed specialised skills to feature-length film productions and work for, or run, their own media companies.

Our Screen and Media Studies major for the Bachelor of Arts has the staff expertise and resources to help you launch your career and inspire you to be an innovator in New Zealand and abroad.

Career Opportunities

  • Animator
  • Communications Expert
  • Creative Business Owner
  • Editor
  • Filmmaker
  • Journalist
  • Media Designer
  • Producer
  • Production Management
  • Script Writer
  • Social Media Content Creator
  • VR/AI Designer

Scholarships and prizes

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Subject Requirements

Candidates for the MMCT in Screen and Media Studies should normally have completed an undergraduate degree with a major in a relevant discipline and have achieved at least a B average or better.

Please note: Students applying for the MMCT will be encouraged to submit a portfolio comprised of examples of written or practical work (film, animation, VR etc). Candidates are expected to have some experience with any software packages they wish to use for their projects.

Students will complete their MMCT in 1.5 calendar years.

Depending on the start date, students should follow the below paper pathways:

Example for intake in A Trimester: A Trimester Papers - MEDIA501 and MEDIA508; B Trimester Papers - MEDIA504 and MEDIA507; A Trimester 2024 MEDIA592

Example for intake in B Trimester: B Trimester Papers - MEDIA501 and MEDIA504; A Trimester Papers - MEDIA507 and MEDIA508; B Trimester 2024 MEDIA592

Screen and Media Studies papers


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