As a student, you can make a complaint about another student, a staff member or the University.

We encourage you consider the following options before making a complaint to see if it can be easily resolved:

  1. Approach the person directly and discuss your issue with them in a respectful and kind manner.

    This may be most appropriate where the issue is small and a conversation is unlikely to cause escalation or conflict. If your complaint is related to the Student Accommodation or Heath Centre please refer to the FAQs below.

  2. Speak with your class representative

    For matters relating to your teaching staff or paper content, assignments or resources.

  3. Contact the Head of School or Division Director

    This is so that you can raise concerns related to that area of the University.

If you have attempted to resolve the complaint directly but are unhappy with the outcome or you feel the issue needs to be dealt with in a more formal manner, you can lodge a complaint through MyWaikato. Some matters such as harassment complaints may need to be addressed in a more formal manner in the first instance.

Before you proceed with a complaint through MyWaikato please ensure you understand the following:

  • Complaints made through MyWaikato require evidence of the complaint
  • Complaints will be assessed under either the Student Discipline Regulations or the Student Complaints Procedures.
  • If your complaint is related to the University, staff or processes you will need to make a complaint within three months.
  • Anonymous complaints will not be accepted. If you wish to make your complaint anonymous, please contact or the Student Centre to discuss this further.
  • Any person named in the complaint will be notified and information within the complaint will be shared with them.

Complaint through MyWaikato


If you aren’t sure how to make a complaint or need some advice or assistance, contact Alternatively, staff in the Student Centre and WSU student support can also help you.

As an International Student, if you need help understanding the formal complaint process you can speak with an International Student Advisor.