Found property is handed in from many different areas of the university including:

  • UoW intercampus shuttle busses
  • Student Services
  • UniRec
  • Reception areas at each campus.

All items are logged and secured at the University or passed onto other organisations depending on the type of item. We do our best to identify and contact owners where possible.

Storage and disposal processes

Cash and jewellery

We do not take custody of found cash or jewellery. Finders are immediately redirected to Hamilton Central Police Station or the Tauranga Central Police Station.


Stored for one month then we take them to the Hamilton Central Police Station or Tauranga Central Police Station.

Clothing/ Miscellaneous

Stored for one month then we take them to St Vincent de Paul, Hamilton or, the Salvation Army, Tauranga.

Bank Cards, ID, Passports

Attempt to contact owner immediately.

If the owner is not reached on the same day, these items are delivered to Hamilton or Tauranga Central Police Station within 24 hours of receiving them.

Lost something?

  1. Check the Storage and Disposal Processes above to see where the item would be held; you may need to contact the:
    • Hamilton Central Police Station: +64 7 858 6200
    • St Vincent de Paul, Hamilton: +64 7 847 4044
    • Tauranga Central Police Station: +64 7 577 4300
    • Tauranga Salvation Army: +64 7 578 4264
  2. Contact the security office immediately on +64 7 838 4444 or extension 4444.
  3. Describe what you've lost, give details that might be unique to your property.
  4. If your property has been found:
    • Write down the item ID number, and
    • Come to the security office during business hours (8am – 4pm), and
    • Bring photo ID to collect it.

Found something?

  • If you find cash, please hand it into Hamilton or Tauranga Central Police Station.
  • All other items can be handed to the Security Office or Student Services, a security officer around campus.