Student requests

Information on the requirements for students requesting permission to set up stalls, display special posters, or conduct any fundraising or related activities.

Hamilton City Council Health Permit

Any person or group offering food for sale, for fundraising purposes or not, must gain a permit from the HCC. The permit is free but is required. A form is attached for you to complete. Please attach a signed copy to this request.

The Environmental Health Officer can be contacted at the HCC and can be contacted on +64 7 838 6548.


Approval may be given for sites under the main shops covered way in the centre of the campus. It is unlikely to be given for sites near main teaching facilities such as L and S Blocks, or the Library. Any other proposed site requires specific approval.

Some dos and don'ts

  • Loud bands are not permitted.
  • Excessive posters, fliers under car windscreen wipers, etc are not permitted.
  • Organisers are responsible for cleaning up litter, furniture, equipment.
  • Liaise with the WSU/CSL to ensure there is no conflict with other major activities.

Te Whakahaere Rauhanga | Property Services

Work requests can be logged in Kuhukuhu or by calling ITS Service desk.
Property Services building, via Gate 3a on Te Koorama Place, Hillcrest, Hamilton, 3216.
+64 7 838 4001 (8:00am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday)
Tauranga campus office: Level 1, CBD Building.