Professor Brian C. Findsen

Brian Findsen



Adult Education; Ageing; Education Policy; Learning and Education; Lifelong Learning; Sociology and Education; Tertiary Education

Qualifications: EdD NCSU; MA (Hons) Waikato; BSocSc Waikato; Cert in Maori St. (Waikato); Dip. Teaching ChCh.

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Findsen, Prof Brian 8257 bfindsen TL.2.13 Te Whiringa Educational Leadership and P

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About Brian

I have worked in adult and continuing education in universities for most of my career. I am currently a professor of (adult) education in Te Whiringa School of Educational leadership & Policy with a special research interest in learning in later life, an area in which I have published extensively. Aside from working in this University (initially in 1980 in the Centre for Continuing Education), I have worked as an adult educator at the University of Auckland, AUT University and the University of Glasgow (2004-2008) where I was Head of Department for Adult & Continuing Education. I completed my doctoral studies in adult education and sociology at North Carolina State University in the mid 1980s. Hence, I bring to my research and teaching, a strong interest in international adult education.

I am married to Caterina and we have two children, Amanda and Christopher, and four grandchildren, Ashton, Mya,  Harper and Aria.

Recent Publications

  • Findsen, B. (2017). Learning in later life: A critical perspective. In M. Milana, S. Webb, J. Holford, R. Waller, & P. Jarvis (Eds.), The Palgrave International Handbook on Adult and Lifelong Education and Learning. Basingstoke, United Kingdom: Palgrave MacMillan.

  • Findsen, B. (2017). Learning in later life: Conceptual analysis and emergent issues. In IAGG 2017 Conference. Conference held in San Francisco, California, USA.

  • Findsen, B. (2017). Community engagement through continuing education in a University. In R. McNae, & B. Cowie (Eds.), Realising Innovative Partnerships in Educational Research (pp. 223-234). Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense Publishers.

  • Findsen, B. (2017). International perspectives on learning in later life. In The Getting of WIsdom One Day Ballarat Conference. Conference held at Federation University Australia, Ballarat, Australia.

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