Dr Catherine Buntting

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Senior Research Fellow

Qualifications: Doctor of Philosophy (University of Waikato), Master of Science (University of Waikato), Bachelor of Science (University of Waikato)

About Catherine

Cathy's research interests are in science and technology education, including biotechnology education, the teaching of ethical and futures thinking skills, and how ICTs can be used to enhance learning. She has a Masters degree in biochemistry and a PhD in science education and has taught on a range of bridging and undergraduate biology courses. She is currently involved in the strategic direction of the New Zealand Science Learning Hub and the New Zealand Biotechnology Learning Hub and recently co-directed a Ministry of Education project on the use of ICTs in science education. She is also working on a book about the role of contexts in science teaching and learning.

Recent Publications

  • Buntting, C., Cowie, B., Anderson, D., Bull, A., Caygill, R., Hipkins, R., . . . Vander Zwagg, C. (2017). Towards a systems view of science education in New Zealand. Curriculum Matters, 13, 63-79. doi:10.18296/cm.0024

  • Barker, M., & Buntting, C. M. (2016). How do people learn? Understanding the learning process. In D. Fraser, & M. Hill (Eds.), The Professional Practice of Teaching in New Zealand (5th ed., pp. 23-55). Cengage Learning.

  • Jones, A., & Buntting, C. (2016). Technology education in New Zealand: Embedding a new curriculum. In M. J. de Vries, S. Fletcher, S. Kruse, P. Labudde, M. Lang, I. Mammes, . . . M. Winterbottom (Eds.), Technology Education Today
    International Perspectives
    (pp. 213-231). Munster & New York: Waxmann.

  • Stewart, G., & Buntting, C. (2015). Teachers, Curious Minds, and science education. Curriculum Matters, 11, 98-117. doi:10.18296/cm.0006

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