Sara J Archard

Sara Archard



Early Childhood Learning; Education; E-Education; Teacher Education; Teacher Professional Learning/Development; Teaching and Learning

Qualifications: MEd University of Waikato: Bachelor of Teaching with Honours University of Waikato

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Archard, Ms Sara 7777 sarchard TT.5.10 Te Oranga Human Development and Movement

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Papers Taught

Research Interests


2013 Nola Campbell Memorial Elearning Teaching Excellence Award

Research Interests:

My key research interests lie in initial teacher education and, in particular, the use of digital technologies to support and enhance learning, teaching and research in initial teacher education and the early childhood sector.

In initial teacher education my research is grounded in relational eLearning pedagogy that includes the eLearning experience from a student perspective. This is reflected in my current PhD study entitled “How student teachers perceive their relationships over time with teacher educators in an online initial early childhood teacher educator programme in Aotearoa New Zealand. I am also exploring how the use of social media can enhance learning relationships in eLearning environments.

In the early childhood sector my research focus is the digital habitus of children and how it is recognised and responded to in early childhood settings in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Finally, I am exploring the use of digital story-telling as a methodology to capture voices and reflection of research participants. This research includes the voices of children and families with English as an additional language attending playgroups and also the experience and understanding of learning.

Recent Publications

  • Madsen, S. S., Thorvaldsen, S., & Archard, S. (2018). Teacher educators’ perceptions of working with digital technologies. Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy, 13(3), 177-196. Retrieved from

  • Mitchell, L., & Archard, S. (2017). The early childhood teaching workforce, teacher qualifications and professional development in New Zealand. In Innovating and improving the quality of Vietnamese preschool education. Hanoi, Vietnam.

  • Archard, S. (2017). Nice weather we’re having – The place of ‘Chat’ in nurturing learning relationships between student-teachers and lecturers in online initial teacher education programmes. In 2017 Annual Learning and Teaching Conference. Conference held at the University of York, York, United Kingdon.

  • Archard, S., & Archard, S. (2016). Voices of Playgroup: Connecting pedagogy and understandings of early childhood education. Early Childhood Folio, 20(1), 20-24. doi:10.18296/ecf.0019

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