Dr Sonja K Arndt

Sonja Arndt

Senior Lecturer, ECE, Global Studies in Education, Philosophy in/of Education


Cultural Learning; Early Childhood Learning; Early Childhood/Early Years Education; Education

Global studies in education, Philosophy of the Other, philosophy of education, childhood studies, post humanism

Qualifications: PhD

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Arndt, Ms Sonja 8245 skarndt TT.2.11 Te Whiringa Educational Leadership and P

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Recent Publications

  • Peters, M. A., & Tesar, M. (2017). Troubling the changing paradigms: An educational philosophy and theory early childhood reader (Vol. IV, First ed.). M. A. Peters, & M. Tesar (Eds.), London: Taylor and Francis. doi:10.4324/9781315105314

  • Mitchell, L., & Arndt, S. (2017). Comment. Early Childhood Foilio, 21(1), 1-2. doi:10.18296/ecf.0029

  • Arndt, S. (2017). Teacher otherness in early childhood education: Rethinking uncertainty and difference through a Kristevan lens. (PhD Thesis, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand). Retrieved from Open Access version:

  • Arndt, S. (2017). (Un)becoming data through philosophical thought processes of pasts, presents and futures. In M. Koro‐Ljungberg, T. Loytonen, & M. Tesar (Eds.), Disrupting data in qualitative inquiry. Entanglements with the post-critical and post-anthropocentric (pp. 91-102). Peter Lang.

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