Professor Bronwen Cowie

Bronwen Cowie

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Assessment and Evaluation in Education; Early Childhood/Early Years Education; Mathematics Education; Science Education; Teacher Education; Teaching and Learning; Technology Education

Qualifications: BSc, MSc, PhD

About Bronwen

My research is focussed on classroom interactions and learning, with an emphasis on Assessment for Learning in science and technology classrooms and culturally responsive pedagogy in science education. This aspect of my research is underpinned by a sociocultural view of learning. I have explored the affordances of information and communication technologies in and for primary science and in the provision of feedback in writing.

Student teacher learning about assessment is another area of interest. I am currently involved in a four-nation study – with colleagues here and in Canada, Australia and the UK. I am also involved in an Australia-New Zealand study investigating what might be threshold concepts to understanding equity and inclusion in teacher education.

My research is carried out in collaboration with colleagues and teachers; I value the depth of understanding and insight that collaboration brings. I use a range of research data generation and analysis processes depending on the research question/s. These include classroom (video) observation, interviews, focus groups, the use of drawing and photography as well as large scale surveys.

I would welcome queries about any of these topics and approaches.

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Research Interests

Recent Publications

  • Trask, S., & Cowie, B. (2022). On their own terms? Opening up senior science learning for non-specialist science students. International Journal of Science Education, 1-20. doi:10.1080/09500693.2022.2050489

  • Trask, S., & Cowie, B. (2022). Tight-loose: Understanding variability, trade-offs and felt accountability across the curriculum-pedagogy-assessment dynamic. Curriculum Journal. doi:10.1002/curj.163

  • Edwards, F., Cowie, B., & Trask, S. (2022). Using colleague coaching to develop teacher data literacy. Professional Development in Education. doi:10.1080/19415257.2022.2081247

  • Edwards, F., Cowie, B., Trask, S., Gibson, N., Bickley-Barry, L., & Wallis, M. (2022). Zooming out and zooming in on student data: Developing teacher data literacy to enhance teaching and learning: Zooming out and zooming in on student data: Developing teacher data literacy to enhance teaching and learning. Retrieved from

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