Dr Brenda A Bicknell

Brenda Bicknell

Associate Professor


Mathematics Education; Teaching and Learning

Qualifications: PhD, MEd, BEd, Dip Tchg, TTC

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Bicknell, AProf Brenda 6971 bicknell TC.2.40 Division of Education PVC's Office
Bicknell, AProf Brenda 6971 bicknell TC.2.40 Education, School of (SOE)

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Papers Taught

Research Interests

My research focus is on mathematics education, and gifted and talented education, and the intersection of these. My research in mathematics education, using design research methodology, specifically addressed pedagogical practice in multiplication and division, and place value development. It encompassed equitable and emancipatory pedagogies and productive mathematical discourse in the classroom. I have also been involved in national survey and case study research and inter-institutional research in gifted education.

Recent Publications

  • Young-Loveridge, J., & Bicknell, B. (2017). Making connections using multiplication and division contexts. In V. Kinnear, M. Y. Lai, & T. Muir (Eds.), Forging Connections in Early Mathematics Teaching and Learning (pp. 259-272). Singapore: Springer. doi:10.1007/978-981-10-7153-9

  • Bicknell, B., & Young-Loveridge, J. (2017). Teacher-researcher partnerships: Working together to enhance young children’s learning in mathematics. In R. McNae, & B. Cowie (Eds.), Realising Innovative Partnerships in Educational Research. Theories and Methodologies for Collaboration (pp. 67-75). Sense publishers.

  • Bicknell, B., Young-Loveridge, J., & Simpson, J. (2017). Using quotitive division problems to promote place-value understanding. Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom, 22(2), 28-32. Retrieved from;dn=902169646139463;res=IELHSS Open Access version:

  • Bicknell, B., Young-Loveridge, J., & Nguyen, N. (2016). A design study to develop young children’s understanding of multiplication and division. Mathematics Education Research Journal, 28(4), 567-583. doi:10.1007/s13394-016-0180-4

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