Dr Elmarie Kotzé

Elmarie Kotzé

Senior Lecturer

Qualifications: D Litt et Phil

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]
Room: Te Kura Toi Tangata Faculty of Education, Te Oranga, TT 510
Phone: +64 7 838 4466 ext 7961

Papers Taught

Research Supervised

Doctoral Supervision

  • Morris, Brian (2015). Heterosexual couples, gender discourses, and the production of relational subjectivity.
  • McMenamin, Donald (2014). New stories of identity: Alternatives to suspension and exclusion from school.
  • Esler, Ireni (2011). Narratives in translation:  Going beyond theoretical difference in supervision.
  • Gibson, Alister (2011). Spirituality in principal leadership and its influence on teachers and teaching.
  • Talbot, Wendy (2011). Relationship practices in a diverse and changing society.
  • Yusoff, Yusmini Md. (2011). Counselling and religious and spiritual values:  A Malaysian study.
  • Crocket, Alastair (2010). Pakeha counsellors consider their positioning. A postcolonial praxis.
  • Depree, Jim (in progress). Taping for therapeutic purposes in couples’ therapy.
  • Snowdon, Jenny (in progress). “But I still love him”: Young women talk about love and violence.
  • Graham, Judith (in progress). Secondary teachers foster the development of Key Competencies in incidental and unplanned moments.
  • Ling, Sai Ang (in progress). Counselling clients with suicide ideation in Malaysia.

M Couns Theses

  • Moneypenny, Paula (2013). A post-structural auto-ethnography: Storying self as event.
  • Scott, Paula (2010). Positioning and re-positioning of individual and family relationships with anorexia/bulimia: An auto-ethnographical informed study.
  • Sliedrecht, Susan (2007). Counselling patients with a spinal cord injury.


  • Geldenhuys, T. (2004). Pastoral care and counselling as resistance to secondary traumatisation and power abuse in a faith based welfare organisation.
  • Brink, A.M. (2003). “Lighting his way home”: Reflecting on pastoral conversations with a missing child’s mother.
  • Martin, J.H.I. (2003). Carrying the torch of hope: Survivors’ narratives of trauma and spirituality.
  • Millar, C.S. (2003). Wellness, pastoral care and women with new babies.
  • Nel, M. (2003). Re-pastoring in a Dutch Reformed congregation: new meaning to old narratives.
  • Schoeman. H.J. (2003). Restorative witnessing: A contextual and feminist praxis of healing.
  • Stapelberg, L. (2003). Pastoral care and counselling as a reciprocal gift between counsellor and counselees.
  • Tong, F. (2003). Pastoral narratives of bereavement care with men.
  • van de Laar, D.J. (2003). Insiders or outsiders? Pastoral care with Christian gay women in a Methodist congregation.
  • Claassen, L. (2002). Deconstructing “Coupledom” with young people.
  • de Beer, W. (2002). Resisting violence, abuse and suffering: Creating communities of care with children.
  • du Plessis, M. C. (2002). A deconstructing of depression and its power in people’s lives.
  • Hulme, T. (2002). Transforming a school community: facilitators living values.
  • Marais, J.F. (2002). Participatory action research and pastoral playful care with children: Challenging bullying.
  • Morkel, E. (2002). When narratives create community: Standing with children against stealing.
  • Nieuwmeyer, S.M. (2002). Women storying HIV/AIDS in community.
  • Scrimgeour, E. (2002). Honouring sacred spaces: Voicing stories of terminal illness.
  • Swanepoel, A, (2002). Making visible the elderly.
  • van Duuren, L. A. (2002). Children’s voices on bereavement and loss.
  • Wilkinson, K. L. (2002). Stories of survival in the wake of violence and abuse on the Cape flats.
  • Basson, N.C. (2001). Narrative pastoral practice at a primary school.
  • de Jager, E.  (2001). Facilitators and learners:  Co-creating a better understanding of one another.
  • Grobbelaar, M.S. (2001).  Stories of mothers with differently abled children.
  • Gunter, R. (2001).  A journey to healing:  Conversations of women survivors of sexual abuse.
  • Harrington, M. (2001).  The stories women tell.  Living with cancer and care.
  • Janse van Vuuren, C.J.L. (2001).  Narratives of abortion:  A pastoral approach.
  • Niehaus, E. (2001).  Narratives of relationships/marriages.
  • Skidmore, S.A.  (2001). Re-authoring narratives in a divorce recovery ministry.
  • Steyn, L.  (2001).  Empowering young people through narrative.
  • Strydom, M.  (2001). The church and caregivers of aids orphans.
  • Gillomee, Y. (2000). Teenagers interviewing problems.
  • Meiring, L. (2000). Renouncing racism in a Dutch Reformed congregation.
  • Van Dyk, A. (2000). Voices of women and children who have experienced abuse.
  • Viljoen, H. J. (2000). Deconstructing trauma and racism at a police station.

MCouns Dissertations

  • Kulasingham, A. (2013). Re-authoring family relationships: An auto-ethnographic study on dialogical conversation and repositioning.
  • Scott, B. (2012). Writing as embodiment: Examining the effects of writing and witnessing on growing kindness/compassion in relationship with women’s bodies.
  • Wasson, K. (2011). Drug and alcohol programmes offering secondary prevention intervention to “in-risk” adolescents within secondary schools.
  • Marsden, V. (2008). Lesbian reflections on past counselling experiences.
  • Snowdon, J. (2007). Mothering at the edge: Conversations with non-resident mothers.
  • King, C. (2005). Places between and in two worlds. The construction of identity with a cochlear implant.

MEd Dissertations - ( 6 )

Recent Publications

  • Kotze, E. (2019). Rich story development: What values are woven in identity stories. In The Science of Personalised Value Development Through Adolescence Symposium. Tokyo, Japan.

  • Kotze, E. (2019). Qualitative research for postgraduates. In Graduate Students Seminar. Tokyo, Japan.

  • Ling, S. A., Kotze, E., & Crocket, K. (2019). Cultural knowledge and professional language: Counselling in the context of suicidal ideation. In A. H. M. Hussin, R. A. Kadir, N. S. Zakaria, M. M. Harun, N. Subarimaniam, A. Ismail, & O. Jailani (Eds.), Konvensyen Kaunseling Kebangsaan Kali Ke 21 (pp. 583-594). Perkama International.

  • Kotze, E. (2019). Kokoro: Narrative Therapy. In Kokoro: Narative Therapy Workshop. Tokoyo, Japan.

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