Dr Jessica Cira Rubin

Jessica Cira Rubin



Curriculum; Education; Education Research; English Education; Gender; History of Education; Languages and Literacy Education; Literacy Learning; Pedagogy; Restorative Practices; Schools (Primary/Secondary); Social Science Research; Teacher Education; Teacher Professional Learning/Development; Teaching; Violence; Women and Gender Studies

Qualifications: MAT, MFA, PhD

Papers Taught

About Jessica Cira

My work as a teacher educator and education researcher builds from ten years experience teaching secondary English language arts. I think about literacies broadly and inclusively, and use conceptual frameworks that inspire and require critical reflection of ourselves, educational institutions and other systems.

Research Interests

My work is primarily energized by my deep commitment to values of collaboration, nonviolence in its many forms, and social and ecological justice. Currently I am working on several projects, including analysis of data generated through an immersive study of the literacies and literacy teaching practices of a group of teachers from the United States who traveled to India to participate in a summer professional development program. The program concentrated on ahimsa, which encompasses the avoidance of harmful thought, speech, and action and the active promotion of peace, reverence, and justice.

As scholars, research is a language through which we can connect with and support each other as we try to orient our world toward a more peaceful, more inclusive, and more expansive course. Through my research projects, my intention has been to participate meaningfully in that broader project while weaving together my dedication to writing and literacy, my deep belief in the complexity and creativity of young people, and my appreciation of teachers who care deeply about and take action toward justice.

Recent Publications

  • Rubin, J. (2022). Joyful connections and liminal spaces: US teachers visiting a Jain School in Delhi. Poster session presented at the meeting of University of Waikato Division of Education Images of Research Exhibition. University of Waikato.

  • Rubin, J., & Fa'avae, D. (2022). Navigating literacy teacher education in Aotearoa New Zealand through the lens of Tapasā. In National Council of Teachers of English Assembly for Research (NCTEAR): Reimagining Literacy Research for Social Change. Virtual.

  • Rubin, J., & Fa'avae, D. (2022). Tapasā: An invitation to decolonize literacy teacher education in Aotearoa New Zealand. In AERA Annual Meeting: Cultivating Equitable Education Systems for the 21st Century.

  • Rubin, J. (2022). Sitting alongside a young writer to mend a once-joyful relationship with writing. Writers Who Care: A Blog Advocating for Authentic Writing Instruction. Retrieved from

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