Dr Katarina Edmonds

Katarina Edmonds

Recent Publications

  • Edmonds, K. (2017). He taonga tuku iho - Gifts of our ancestors. In 5th International Conference on Language Documentation & Conservation (ICLDC). Manoa, Hawaii, USA. Retrieved from

  • Edmonds, K. (2016). Creating an indigenous oral language proficiency assessment tool. In Indigenous Pathways To Language Survival: International Language Conference.. Kamloops, Canada.

  • Edmonds, K. (2016). The maintenance of Maori classical literature on the marae. Knowledge Cultures, 4(3), 31-43.

  • Edmonds, K. (2016). Te hua o te tātari i te reo-ā-waha o te ākonga mā te Kaiaka Reo [The benefits of assessing the Māori oral proficiency of students using Kaiaka Reo]. In The politics of learning: NZARE Annual Conference 2016. Wellington, New Zealand. Retrieved from

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