Dr Philippa (Pip) A. Hunter

Philippa (Pip) Hunter

Senior Lecturer, Social Sciences Education and Curriculum Studies: Te Hononga School of Curriculum and Pedagogy

Qualifications: PhD, MA (History) Waikato; BA (Anthroplogy and History) DipTchg, TTC (Otago)

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Dr Philippa Hunter

Profile (2018)

My fields of research and teaching include social sciences education, critical pedagogy, and curriculum perspectives. Key themes are curriculum as discursive policy, positioning, and production, teacher narratives, and identity work. These themes are evident in my PhD theorising and methodology of ‘Problematised History Pedagogy as Narrative Research: Self-Fashioning, Dismantled Voices and Reimaginings in History Education’. My PhD inquiry has recently informed the dissemination of critical history pedagogy as participatory action research in the Journal of Educational Action Research (2018). The PhD research informs critique of the intent and possibilities of social sciences education to engage young citizens who understand multiple lifeworlds, agency, and social justice. This is evidenced in publications including ‘Rethinking Literacies in Social Studies for Future-Facing Young Citizens’, in ‘Advancing Young Citizens’ Political Literacy through Social Sciences Curricula’ and in the ‘Issues-Based Social Inquiry in Social Studies and Citizenship Education’.

My conceptual research about Aotearoa curriculum policy decisions has recently focused on citizenship and cross-curriculum shaping in education. This research interest informed a paper presentation at Oxford University's International Citizen Project 3 Conference (2015), and a subsequent book chapter ‘Representation of Young Citizens’ in Aotearoa New Zealand’s Schooling Curriculum’ (In Press, 2018).

Research involvement in cross-disciplinary action research within collaborative research networks – is evidenced in the Proceedings of an international EDULearn17 conference paper. The development of blended learning approaches in evidence-based inquiry papers in an MTchgLn programme constitutes a classroom-based research informed innovation. In 2017, I facilitated MTchgLn 'new teachers' curriculum research and writing that was subsequently published in Teachers and Curriculum.

I am a national leader in social sciences curriculum and assessment. Serving as an Advisory Group member for the National Monitoring of Student Achievement [NMMSA] has advanced research-informed social studies pedagogy across University/schools’ partnerships. My involvement in a Ministry of Culture and Heritage National Citizenship initiative resulted in an article: ‘Advancing young citizens’ political literacy through social sciences curricula’ for a Special Issue of the NZCER Journal set ‘Civics, Citizenship, and Political Literacy’ (2016).

Peer reviewing of articles and my conference leadership and dialogue across professional organisations, ensure dissemination of research, and teacher engagement with critical approaches to pedagogy.

Recent Publications

  • Hunter, P. A. (2018). Problematised history pedagogy as action research in preservice secondary teacher education. Educational Action Research, 27(5), 742-757. doi:10.1080/09650792.2018.1485590

  • Hunter, P., Davis, K., Deane, B., Prescott, P., Martelli, J., & White, S. (2017). New teachers respond to curriculum policy in a Master of Teaching and Learning Programme: A collection of working papers. Teachers and Curriculum, 17(1), 46-80. doi:10.15663/tandc.v17i1.286 Open Access version:

  • Hunter, P. (2017). Cross-disciplinary curriculum dialogue: Blended learning in evidence-based secondary pre-service teacher education. In L. Gomez Chova, A. Lopez Martinez, & I. Candel Torres (Eds.), Edulearn17 Proceedings (pp. 1540). Online: IATED. doi:10.21125/edulearn.2017

  • Hunter, P. (2016). Cross-disciplinary collaboration in an MTchgLn evidence-based inquiry paper'. In CARN Waikato Symposium: An Incubator for Writing and Thinking: From Idea to Text, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.

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