Dr Richard Calderwood

Dr Richard Calderwood

Qualifications: B Soc Sc, M Soc Sc, MMS (Distinction) Waikato

About Richard

Richard Calderwood has a background in economic geography, planning for retail location, marketing and supermarketing and is a Research Developer in the Institute for Business Research. His current research interests are in: advertising creativity, effectiveness, and strategy, retail marketing.

Richard has recently submitted his PhD dissertation entitled “Client Views on Developing Quality Advertising: The Role of Client Involvement, Relationship Stability, Agency Flexibility and Client Agency Competency and Expertise”. This research examined client side perspectives of why some advertising campaigns are more creative and more effective than others. Two U-shaped interactions were observed:  1) agencies with either low or high levels of competency are less likely to produce effective campaigns; medium levels of competency lead to the most effective advertising campaigns, 2) the most original work occurred when agencies either highly flexible or highly inflexible; originality was lowest when agencies were only moderately flexible.

Richard is currently involved in research projects, drawing together researches and facilitating bids for research.

Expertise: Advertising Research, Promotional Strategies, Services Marketing, Locating Retail Facilities

Recent Publications

  • Calderwood, R., Koslow, S., & Sasser, S. L. (2021). Marketer perceptions of client–agency co-creation: Exploring the levels of partnership collaboration. Journal of Advertising. doi:10.1080/00913367.2020.1868027

  • Calderwood, R., & Chalmers, L. (2021). Geography Scholarship, scholarship and thinking. New Zealand Geographer. doi:10.1111/nzg.12292

  • Brooksbank, R., Subhan, Z., & Calderwood, R. (2018). How applicable are conventional strategic marketing practices in emerging methods? An exploratory study in India. International Journal of Emerging Markets, 13(5), 959-979. doi:10.1108/IJoEM-06-2017-0205

  • Calderwood, R. (2017). St Paul’s Centre of Excellence for Agricultural Science and Business Developmental evaluation: St Paul’s Centre of Excellence for Agricultural Science and Business Developmental Evaluation. Hamilton, New Zealand: Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research.

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