Sangata Kaufononga

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Recent Publications

  • Naufahu, M., Havea, E. H., Kaufononga, S. A. F., & Laulaupea‘alu, S. (2021). Fakalukuluku: Conceptualising a tongan learning approach in tertiary education. Waikato Journal of Education, 26(Special Issue), 163-178. doi:10.15663/wje.v26i1.766

  • Puddick, J., Prinsep, M. R., Wood, S. A., Kaufononga, S. A., Cary, S. C., & Hamilton, D. P. (2014). High levels of structural diversity observed in Microcystins from Microcystis CAWBG11 and characterization of six new Microcystin congeners. Marine Drugs, 12(11), 5372-5395. doi:10.3390/md12115372

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