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If you plan to have more than one set of groups in your Moodle paper (e.g. students will be grouped differently for forums, group assignments and tutorials), create the groups, then collect them into Groupings (groups of groups).

  1. Select the Groupings tab, then select Create grouping.

    create grouping
  2. Select the person icon at the right of the Grouping name.

    person icon
  3. Select relevant groups in the box on the right, then select Add.add group to grouping
  4. Scroll down and select Back to groupings  to check that all relevant Groups are now listed as members of the Grouping.
    back to groupings

Apply grouping

  1. Go to the Moodle Assignment or Activity, select the cog icon on the right, then Edit settings.

    edit settings
  2. Open the Group submission settings, then choose the relevant grouping in the Grouping for student groups drop-down menu.

    select grouping
  3. Finally, scroll down and Save and display or Save and return to paper.

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