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Paper Outlines

This page introduces the new Paper Outlines system for 2024 papers.

  • In the new system, you build your Moodle paper first, then add Paper-Outline-specific information via the Paper Outline wizards, also in Moodle. You then Submit your Paper Outline via Moodle for approval.
  • See also How Paper Outlines work.

Note: The Paper Outline wizards and the Paper Outline Preview and Submit banner have just been updated in response to user feedback. The Preview and Submit functions have been moved into the Paper Setup Wizards menu as Wizard 8. Approve Paper Outline and submit.

After your Paper Outline is approved, you will be able to make your Moodle paper visible to students. Students will continue to access their Paper Outlines via the Paper Outlines resource in the Introduction section of their Moodle papers, which takes them to the Paper Outlines website. (You may find that this page redirects to the 2024 Catalogue of Papers during the transition to the new system; you can Search or Browse for 2023 and earlier Paper Outlines from the 2024 Catalogue of Papers.)

Pilot stage

We are at the pilot stage of the new system. There are currently some known issues that may affect the display of gradebook items in new Paper Outlines.

Assessment and category weights and calculations:

To ensure that students are able to see important information about their assessments, please include the following details in the names of gradebook categories and assessment items. Please also include this information in the How this paper will be taught section of Wizard 5. Add Paper Information.

  • Gradebook categories:
    • The category weighting, e.g.: rather than naming a category just Essays, call it Essays (40%)
    • The category calculation if you are taking the best of each student's assessment results in a category, or students don't need to do all the assessments, e.g.: rather than just Quizzes, name it Quizzes (20%, best 3 of 5).
  • Assessment items:
    • The assessment weight
    • For compulsory assessments (i.e. students will fail the paper if they don't submit the assessment), include the word compulsory.

Submission method:

The submission method column was not working reliably and has been temporarily removed from the  Assessments table. Please include submission methods in the How you will be assessed section of the Paper Outline (using the Add paper information wizard);  and/or include the information in the Description box of the Moodle assessment item, and ask students to check Moodle for submission methods; and/or include the submission method in the assessment name, e.g.  'Presentation (In class, 10%)'.

Metapapers and extra credit:

If your papers are metapapers or include extra credit assessments, please contact Te Puna Ako (Cettl) or drop in to an AMA session for the latest advice.


If you see an error message asking you to log in as an editor or approver for your paper, you may not have been correctly linked to the paper in the Paper Outlines system. Please log an Access e-Learning systems>Paper Outlines request in Kuhukuhu, or come to an Ask Me Anything session for assistance.

Some staff are seeing display error messages when they access the paper Outlines system (e.g.  'rendering failed'). Please try again after a few minutes. These issues mostly resolve themselves, but if they persist, please log a job in Kuhukuhu.

Access the Paper Outline Wizards


The four Paper Outline Wizards, like the other Paper Setup Wizards, are only visible with Edit mode toggled on.

  1. At the top right of your Moodle paper, toggle Edit mode on.

     The top section of the main page of a Moodle paper with a red rectangle around the edit mode turn on toggle at the top right of the page, and a red arrow that points to the words Edit mode.

  2. At the top left of your Moodle paper, select the Paper Setup Wizards tab.

    The top section of the main page of a Moodle paper with the edit button toggled on at the top right of the page and a red rectangle around the tab called 'Paper setup wizards' at the left of a list of tabs across the centre of the page.

  3. In the drop-down menu, select one of the Paper Outline Wizards.


    If you see an error message asking you to log in as an editor for your paper, you may not have been correctly linked to the paper in the Paper Outlines system. Please log a MyWaikato/SITS Staff Paper Association request in Kuhukuhu), or come to an Ask Me Anything session for assistance.


Further information

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