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Record, Live Stream, Share and Manage Video

Panopto enables staff and students to capture and deliver audio and video content. Users are able to record content in lecture theatres as well as from their office or home computer. Panopto is integrated with Moodle, which makes it easy for lecturers to create recordings that are automatically available to students within the corresponding Moodle course. Recordings can also be viewed directly from our Panopto server and, where possible, MP3 and/or MP4 versions can be downloaded.

After you complete a Panopto recording, there is a period of processing time.  As a general rule of thumb, if a recording is one hour long, it will take one further hour to process before it is available to students in the Panopto block of the Moodle paper.

This section contains step-by-step instructions for the most common uses of Panopto. Please let us know if there are other step-by-step instructions you would like to see created.

Moodle and Panopto are unavailable every Thursday 7:00 am – 7:30 am.