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How to enable automatic captions in Zoom

To caption or subtitle your Zoom meetings you need to enable Closed captioning in your Account settings. Captioning will then be available in your Meeting settings.

Account captioning settings

  1. Sign in to your staff landing page and select Zoom in the Quick Links menu on the left.
    staff portal Zoom link
  2. Select Settings in the left hand menu.

    zoom settings
  3. In the Meeting settings, find Closed captioning.
  4. Turn Closed captioning on, then tick  Allow live transcription service to transcribe meeting automatically. Finally,  select Save.

    turn on live captioning

    Note: You may want to review the Allow viewing of full transcript, and the Allow participants to save transcripts settings.

In-meeting captioning settings

  1. In the tool bar at the bottom of your Zoom meeting window, select Live Transcript, then select Enable Auto-Transcription.

    enable auto transcription

    Note: A pop-up alert will appear, advising you that Closed Captioning is enabled.

    cc enabled alert
  2. Select the up arrow to the right of the CC icon to edit view options.

    CC view settings
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