University of Waikato Islamic Studies Group

The University of Waikato Islamic Studies Group (UWISG) is a non-partisan and not-for-profit organisation committed to the objective of fostering scholarly insight and understanding on Islam and Muslim societies through interdisciplinary research initiatives.

The UWISG comprises three main functions which collectively work to achieve its objective and include:

  1. Seminars: The UWISG aims to hold academic meetings on the study of Islam and Muslim societies, as well as acquire informative guest speakers when possible.
  2. Publications: The UWISG aims to produce materials for publication on, but not limited to, a range of political, religious, social, and historical aspects of Islam and Muslim societies.
  3. Engagement: The UWISG aims to engage with and support both the public & private sectors, as well as develop collaborative scholarly networks that can be harnessed for the betterment of the group’s objective.

The UWISG and its functions are managed by its *Research Members, supplemented with guidance and support from experts in the field.

UWISG events are open to all University of Waikato students and staff as well as the general public.