Associate Research Members

Dr Ken Chitwood

PhD, Studies in Religion and Culture
"Islam in the Americas and Caribbean"

Dr Tiffany Cone

PhD, Cultural Anthropology
"Esoteric Islam and representations of Islam in China, Bangladesh, Iran, and Africa"

Mr Aref Shams

PhD student in international law, University College London.
"The phenomenon of international cooperation under international law"

Dr Carimo Mohomed

PhD, Political Theory and Analysis
"Islamic political theology, philosophy and the history of political ideas"

Dr Zain Abdullah

PhD, Cultural Anthropology
"Race, Religion, Society and Studies in Islam"

Dr Yaghoob Foroutan

PhD, Demography & Sociology
"Socio-demographic perspectives of Islam and Muslim societies"

Somayyeh Ghaffari

PhD student in English Literature, Massey University of New Zealand
“Reconsidering narratives of Muslim immigrant radicalisation"