Corresponding Associate Research Members

Mr Ken Chitwood

Ken Chitwood is a PhD candidate on fellowship with University of Florida studying Religion in the Americas and Global Islam, focusing on Islam in the Americas.

Dr Roshaiza Taha

Dr. Roshaiza Taha is a senior lecturer at the School of Maritime Business and Management, University Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia, and holds a PhD in Accounting from Monash University, Australia, obtained in 2012. Her PhD research examined taxation, financial markets and economic growth development in Asia.

Shamsul Falaah

Shamsul Falaah is a PhD Candidate at the Faculty of Law, The University of Auckland. The key focus of his research examines the judicial interpretation and application of international human rights norms and standards under the Islamic theocratic constitutions, focusing on the Maldivian Constitution as a case study.

Dr Faried F. Saenong

Dr Faried F. Saenong is a lecturer at the Centre of Qur’anic Studies (PSQ) and Institute of PTIQ Jakarta. He obtained his PhD from the Department of Anthropology (CHL-ANU), Australian National University which examined belief and praxis of Muslim communities in Eastern Indonesia.

Dr Mohd Al Adib Samuri

Dr Mohd Al Adib Samuri is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Islamic Studies and Deputy Director of the Institute of Islam Hadhari, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). He holds a bachelor degree in Law (L.LB), Master in law (L.LM) and PhD from the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM).

Somayyeh Ghaffari

Somayyeh Ghaffari is a PhD student in English Literature at the School of English and Media Studies, Massey University. She has been awarded a Massey University Doctoral Scholarship. Her research concentrates on “Reconsidering narratives of Muslim immigrant radicalisation: The representation of intergenerational experience in contemporary Muslim immigrant fiction”.