School of Psychology


I absolutely love the discipline of Psychology. It is an incredibly broad and diverse academic subject. As such, it comes in all sorts of flavours and is often difficult to pin down in a definition. For me, Psychology is the science of how we understand and improve how humans and animals perceive and think. It is the study of how we act, react and interact. This field lets us make great strides in creating new knowledge that positively helps our society.

The School of Psychology at Waikato contains all the flavours of Psychology – from neuroscience to social science. We are a very special community that is warm and welcoming. We continually strive to be world leading experts in our respective fields. This is reflected in the way that we teach. We bring our excitement, knowledge and passion to our lecture theatres and labs. This means that our students learn about the most up-to-date advances in psychology together with how psychology can be applied in the modern world.

Professor Vincent Reid
Head of School