Are you a new, first-year student majoring—or interested in—Psychology?

If you are enrolled in PSYCH100, then our PSYCHSurvivor programme will help equip you with the skills you need to do well.

PSYCHSurvivor is a three-day programme geared around the very activities you’ll do in PSYCH100 and beyond.

You’ll learn some basic principles of psychology and psychological research.
You will also learn how to recognise what’s important in a lecture, how to take notes, and how to study—based on actual psychological research on these topics.

PSYCHSurvivor will help prepare you to do well in Psychology, but it will also help prepare you to do well in other papers at university.

You’ll meet other students enrolled in PSYCH100, as well as a few students doing more advanced Psychology study, and some of our lecturers and other staff. PSYCHSurvivor is friendly and helpful, not competitive or judgy.

You’ll have a good time and head into your first semester ready to roll, with some new friends.

PSYCHSurvivor won’t cost you anything (unless you need accommodation).

You can apply for PSYCHSurvivor if you are a new, first-year student coming to study Psychology, and enrolled in PSYCH100.  But there are limited places, which means that we cannot accept everyone who applies. We are especially interested in working with students who are the first in their whānau/first in their family to go to university.

We expect that if you do apply, and you’re accepted, you will fully participate in the complete three-day programme.

The specifics:

When is it?

PSYCHSurvivor will take place on 19, 20 and 21 February 2020. We will notify successful applicants as far in advance as we can, to give you time to organise your transportation and (if you need it) accommodation.  The University hostels will have a small number of rooms available for a small fee (and we may be able to waive this fee for students who would have trouble paying it).

Where is it?

PSYCHSurvivor takes place on the Hamilton campus.

I want in. How do I apply?


To make PSYCHSurvivor a great experience for you, we have to keep it small. Places are limited, so you’ll need to apply. The application process is easy— you will just answer a few questions about yourself.

Applications are now open (applications close on Friday, 31 January 2020 at 5pm) 

Click here to APPLY

Check back here for updates. Or, if you would like to be notified when applications open, email us: [email protected]

PSYCHSurvivor is like the TV show "Survivor" in some ways, but not other.  To review:

* Like the TV show Survivor, we are looking for a mix of people from various backgrounds and families.
* When you get to the end, you’ll get a million dollars. Kidding. Nobody gets any dollars at the end.
* Unlike the TV show, PSYCHSurvivor does not take place on a tropical island; it takes place in Hamilton, which is close enough to a tropical island that you probably won’t notice.
* Also, there will be no fires, snakes, or dangerous insects.

And one more thing to keep in mind:
PSYCHSurvivor is not a paper that counts towards your degree or major. But it will teach you a bundle of skills and you’ll be really glad you took part.

PSYCHSurvivor at Waikato is based on a long-running, very successful programme at Victoria University of Wellington, and we’re grateful to our Victoria colleagues for their support.