Research in the School of Psychology

Clinical Psychology Research

Clinical psychology is a discipline characterized as an applied science, with a firm empirical foundation, and an emphasis on objective data to support assessment and treatment of persons who are experiencing psychological problems in their life. Training in clinical psychology is based on the “Boulder model” where the emphasis is on the use of research-based knowledge to develop practical competencies. An integration of science and practice is emphasized so that research informs practice, practical understanding and issues guide meaningful research, and individualized and unique clinical work is strengthened by scientific method.

Clinical psychologists base their assessment and treatment on the evidence generated through research. Assessment and treatment with clients raises new questions which helps design research. For these reasons, clinical psychologists need to be trained in both practice and research as well the integration of the two.

Academic Staff

Kyle Smith
Senior Clinical Tutor and Registered Clinical Psychologist

Dr Armon Tamatea
Senior Lecturer

Clinical Associates

  • John Ballantyne
  • Kirsty Bell Hunter
  • Jessica Borg
  • Jan Brassington
  • Beverley Burns
  • Helen Conaglen
  • Marie Connelly
  • Elizabeth Court
  • Kirsty Dempster-Rivett
  • Ron Dick
  • Jenny Gibbs
  • Jason Hannett
  • Brian Harvey
  • Barbara Johnson
  • Natalie Parkes
  • Rosemary Lean
  • Jenny McCleery
  • Christine McCracken
  • Joshua Myers
  • Rob Ngamanu
  • Helen Norman
  • Kathy Orr
  • Aroha Panapa
  • Juanita Ryan
  • Jeannette Shennan
  • Marie Siegruhn
  • Jason Spendelow
  • Paul Therly
  • Wendy Tuck
  • Adrian Tyghe
  • Corinne Young