Research in the School of Psychology

Kaupapa Māori Research in Psychology

Kaupapa Māori psychology has two major features. The first involves applying psychological knowledge to problems that confront Māori at the individual or group level, as well as supporting Māori to achieve their aspirations. The second approach emerges from within the Māori world and involves growing a Māori-specific psychology that addresses issues of concern to Māori in uniquely Māori ways. Underlying these two approaches is a psychological understanding of Māori cultural concepts, culture change and resilience. Kaupapa Māori research in the School of Psychology is often lead by the Māori & Psychology Research Unit (MPRU). See the MPRU website for more details or simply click on the staff profiles below for specific research inquiries.

Academic Staff

Associate Professor Bridgette Masters-Awatere
Community Psychology Graduate Programme Convenor & Director of MPRU

Dr Mohi Rua
Senior Lecturer; Community, Maori, Indigenous & Social Psychology

Dr Armon Tamatea
Senior Lecturer