Research in the School of Psychology

Social Psychology Research

Social psychology is the study of human interaction. Social psychologists study individual and collective beliefs, attitudes, and practices in social situations. It has been argued that, with the possible exceptions of perception and physiology, all areas of human activity are social and require some social analysis. This includes the departmental research areas of child-rearing and violence, clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, community psychology, cross-cultural psychology, feminist issues, human factors, kaupapa Māori, anti-social behaviour, resilience, health psychology, and organisational psychology. The study of social activities has been one of the strongest areas of the Psychology Department at Waikato since the department began, and this shows in the number of related research areas listed above.

Academic Staff

Dr Cate Curtis
Associate Dean Academic for the Division of Arts, Law, Psychology and Social Sciences; Senior Lecturer

Dr Ottilie Stolte
Senior Lecturer