Welcome to the European Languages Programme

European Languages at Waikato

In today's world of rapid and effortless international communications, it is more important than ever that we understand other languages and cultures.

European Languages here at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences encompasses our International Languages and Cultures major with French and Spanish majoring pathways.

These programmes invite you to explore the culture, history, societies, and languages of these countries. With courses designed to accommodate students ranging from those who have never taken a class in the language before to those hoping to hone their abilities at the highest levels.

European Languages also offers students the opportunity to explore the compositional and visual cultures of these countries through introductory and advanced courses on history and literature, linguistics and translation, among others.

European Languages are of great value particularly for business, research and cultural transfer. Recent graduates of the concentration have gone on to employment in international business and marketing, education, translation, interpretation, and the diplomatic service. Other career avenues include the tourist and hospitality industry, media, and government agencies.

The people who teach in our Programmes are enthusiasts and experts alike, and enjoy working with students in an informal and friendly atmosphere.

Language Activities

Regular meet-ups for language speakers of every level:
The French Chat and The French Breakfast
The German Chat
The Spanish Table

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Digital Hinterland

An electronic journal of German-speaking cultures and literatures developed to publish students' academic works.