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The ArtzElectro concert series on campus focuses on creative works that combine different electronic media, and works that involve electronic media with visual arts and/or real-time performance.

The series draws on local, national and international contributions; and also involves real-time/real space works on campus facilities that interact with online spaces, virtual or real, accessed through the internet.

Prior Events
ArtsElectro VIII - 7 October 2016
ArtzElectro VII - 9 October 2015
ArtzElectro VI - 18 October 2014
ArtzElectro V - 27 September 2013
ArtzElectro IV - 29 September 2012
ArtzElectro III - 27 May 2011
ArtzElectro II - 1 October 2010
ArtzElectro I - 21 May 2010

Contact Information

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Associate Professor Ian Whalley
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